Accurate sports predictions.

Modern statistical methods and unique neural network let us make extremely high precise sports predictions.

Now the results of extensive work of our analyst team are available for sale.

# Tipo Cuota Resultado
1889 Сombinada 6.18
1888 Сombinada 6.14
1887 Сombinada 5.88
1886 Сombinada 6.08
1885 Сombinada 6.28
1884 Сombinada 6.33
6.01 Сombinada 6.28
Why our predictions are so accurate?
Team of professionals.
Our team consists of professionals in statistics, neural networks and sport analytics. Sport betting is not a hobby for us, it's our profession. We have been making money on betting for many years.
Why do we sell our predictions?
Many people ask why do we sell our predictions when we can earn much more on just betting. The short answer is: we do use our predictions for betting, but bookmakers do not like those who win too much. This does not lead to any withdraw problems, but you understand certain limits when you are in this business for too long. So selling predictions is something that lets us earn a bit more.
More than six years of experience
We are not newbies in this business. We have already earned a lot and lost a lot. This is an expensive experience because there is no easy way to learn how to make accurate predictions. But there is an easy way to buy accurate predictions. The combination of our experience, mathematics, neural networks, discipline and strict following of the strategy makes it possible to get sustainable income.
Big data analysis
We analyse great number of factors. There are so many things (injuries, weather, other games, etc.) that may influence on the result. This is where statistics, neural networks and big data analysis come to help us.
Reliable predictions
We sell predictions only if we are quite sure in the result. We use the same predictions to bet.